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DOM Publishing

Build your faith through published material by the Prophet

DOM Publishing

DOM Publishing is the Arm of DOM that helps support the vision of the Ministry through the promotion of published materials by Apostle David Owusu and the DOM Ministry

The DOM publishing department also has the mandate to design, acquire merchandise and apparel for sale by DOM Ministry and also sell on behalf of the Ministry. These apparels include but are not limited to DVD, CD, Books, Flash disks, T-shirts, Caps, bags etc.

Dont Give Up

With this eBook, see GOD’S grace all over us and with HIM we should not give up and it is possible.

Making Prophetic Decrees

This eBook will teach you how to pray to have deeper communication with GOD

The Prayer Mantle

This book will encourage you in your prayer walk with GOD towards the attainment of your glorious destiny.

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